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Back to "Normal" in 2021, Time to Potty Train

At last, 2021 has arrived! Did you opt not to potty train in 2020? Maybe your kiddo was on the young side or maybe you just didn’t have it in you to tackle potty training with working from home, closed schools and childcare, and the many other stresses. The good news is you probably made the right decision! Potty training in a pandemic turned out to be tough! We were stressed, and whether our kids showed it or not, they felt that stress too. That stress made it difficult for them to learn a new skill.

2021 might be a great year for you to potty train! As schools and childcare reopen, kids are getting back in routines. Some of us may still be working from home, but we’ve gotten better at it. Gradually, more places are reopening and with the vaccine being distributed, that will hopefully continue. Life will become more “normal.”

Why does this all matter for potty training? Because we want to minimize anxiety in our kids when we start potty training. Potty training aged kids thrive on consistency and routine. They have so little control over their lives, knowing what to expect next gives them great comfort. When you are deciding when to start potty training, pick a time when your family’s routine has been consistent for a month or two and will continue to be consistent for another month or two. Kids who are about to get a new sibling or just got one, have a parent who just was deployed overseas, moved to a new house, switched schools, or lost a grandparent have too much on their minds to devote the brain power needed to learn a totally new skill like potty training.

Are there exceptions? Absolutely.

Is your kid starting a new school in a month and must be potty trained? Yes, you probably should have started sooner, but that’s parenting—it doesn’t always work the way we planned! In this case, I recommend you get help from a consultant like me from the get-go. You can avoid some of the hiccups that might delay your child’s success and be more likely to reach your goal of a potty-trained kiddo before school starts!

Do you have two weeks at home because you have to quarantine due to Covid? This isn’t exactly a good time as far as constancy in schedule and routine, but it is a time when you will be home and can get your kiddo doing well before they have to tackle the potty at daycare or school. If you are going to do quarantine potty training, make sure you are calm and confident about the decision and can stay relaxed throughout the process so you don’t stress your kids out and derail their success!

Do you have a unique situation? Reach out to me at and I’ll let you know my thoughts on when and how to start!

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